Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wealth can be of use in this world and the next

Umar entrusted some official duty to Abu Ubaydah ibn Jarrah for which he gave him one thousand dinars. The latter returned the sum, saying: "Ibn Khattab, I did this work, not for you, but for the sake of Allah; I will not, therefore, accept any payment." Umar then said to Abu Ubaydah: "When the Prophet used to send us on errands, he would recompense us, and if we showed reluctance to accept what he gave, he told us we ought not to demur as it would be of assistance to us in matters pertaining both to our worldly affairs and to our religion." On hearing this, Abu Ubaydah accepted what Umar offered him.

Source: Al Bayhaqi, Al-Sunan Al-Kubra, Pg 198, An Islamic treasury of virtues by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

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