Monday, October 01, 2007

Umar's Wish

Umar (ra) was a visionary person, one of the strongest human beings this humanity has ever seen.
Once Umar(ra) was sitting amongst the sahabah who were having a fruitful discussion, as always.
He posed a question to all the Sahabas- Wish something from Allah (swt), so that Allah (swt) would give it to you. So what is it that you wish from Allah?

One of the sahabas said, "I wish Allah (swt) would give me tons of money so that I could spend it on charity". Another said, "I wish for tonnes of gold and silver equal to the mountains so that I can also spend it in His cause."
When it was Umar(ra)'s turn, he said:
I wish strong human beings like Abu Ubaidah ibn Al Jarrah, Talhah ibn Obaidallah, and Zubair ibn Awwam, so that they can help me spread the word of Allah (swt).

Source: An audio lecture on How the Sahabas Spent their Ramadan by Ibrahim Negm on Young Muslims site, downloadable here.