Saturday, December 09, 2006

Umar's gift to Zainab

Umar (ra) used to take special care of Ummahatul Mu'mineen. He used to love Hassan and Hussein, and Ali (ra). When he used to send money to the house of Rasoolullah (saw), he would send loads of it. And if there was any shortage, it would be in the share of his daugther Hafsa (ra). Once he gave Zainab bin Jahsh so much money, that when she saw that she said, 'May Allah forgive Amir Al Mu'mineen. There are other wives of the Prophet (pbuh) who would do a better job @ distributing the money'. She thought it was for distribution, but Umar (ra) said this is all for you. She was terrified, and told her servant to cover it. It was too much money for her. Then she told her to take some money from under the cloth, and give it out to orphans, needy etc. She saw the pile decrease, until her servant said: 'Why don't you leave some for us?' Zainab said, 'take what's left'. The servant raised the cover and there was more than 80 dirham left. Zainab raised her hands and said: 'O Allah, don't allow me to live until the next time Umar gives me a gift'. And soon after she died.

Source: Umar ibn AlKhattab His Life & Times, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki


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