Sunday, October 29, 2006

Traveller from Yemen

A group of mujahideen from Yemen, on the way back from Shaam to Yemen, they passed through Madinah. Umar (ra) after the early prayer would bring out plates of food for the public to eat- travellers, needy, etc. He would serve it to the people and stand over them, to make sure that they are being served well. He sees a man from this group who comes and eats. Umar bin Al Khattab was following the principle of amr bil ma'roof wa nahi 'anil munkar, and serving- so many good deeds @ once. He told the man, 'Eat with your right hand'. The man ignored him. Umar repeated again, 'Eat with your right hand'. The man replied, 'O Ameer Ul Mumineen, my right hand is busy'. So Umar (ra) left him alone. When he finished his meal, Umar went to him and asked, 'What do you mean your right hand is busy?'
So the man pulled his right arm, and there was no right hand.
Umar bin Khattab said, 'what is this?'
The man responded that he lost his right hand fighting in the battle of Yarmuk. Subhanallah, the man didn't want to show off in front of people that he lost his arm in Jihad, and he only did it when the Khalifah insisted. Look @ the ikhlaas of this man. But then, look @ the questions of Umar.
What would you expect Umar to ask?
He said, 'So how do you make wudhu?' 'How do you prepare for Salah?'
These were his first thoughts.
The man said, 'I make wudhu with my left hand, and Allah is the one who gives help'.
Umar (ra) asked, 'Where are you going?'
'I'm going back to Yemen, to visit my mother, whom I haven't seen in a few years'.
Umar (ra) said, 'and you're also kind to your mother. Come with me'.

And he gives him a servant, and he gives him 5 camels, and tells him that you're now welcome to leave.

Source: Umar ibn AlKhattab His Life & Times, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki

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